Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KSU offers Teaching English In Korea Program to Education Students

Since summer 2008, Kennesaw State University’s Teaching English In Korea program has been partnered with Seongdong-gu. Through the volunteer program, students are able to participate in language and cultural experiences while teaching English at elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

The program lasts six to eight weeks. Up to 10 students may travel to Seongdong-gu however, the number depends on the current need for teachers.

“It’s according to how many the school wants. This year three elementary schools in Seongdong-gu requested teachers,” said Dr. Sandy Bryan, coordinator of the Teaching English in Korea program at Kennesaw State University.

Going to Seongdong-gu costs students only $60. The government of Seong­dong-gu provides round-trip airline tickets and room and board for students who qualify to be English instructors. In a recent trip to Kennesaw State University, Mayor Jaedeuk Goh of Seongdong-gu stated that a dream of many Korean children is to speak English well.

“The Korean children love our teachers. [The teachers] spend 40 hours a week in the schools,” said Bryan, who has coordinated the Teaching English In Korea program for three years.

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