Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pretty Brown Babies For Our Pretty Brown Babies

Last weekend my mom asked me to go online and find a really pretty black doll for my niece for Christmas. I said ok thinking it would be no problem. WRONG! Where are the pretty black babies?? I spent 2 hours searching the web for a nice doll. I wasnt interested in the $9.99 doll from Walmart or Target. Those are just white dolls dipped in brown paint. I want a really nice doll for her. Its important that she be black because we want my niece to appreciate her skin tone. Over the last few months we noticed she only prefers white dolls. Unless we promote positive images of black women and steer her in the right direction, she probably wont see many.
About 5 years ago my mom bought my little sister 2 beautiful black dolls. Each doll was about $35. They looked so real and precious. Well, I finally found the type of dolls I was looking for and they were $70+. Can you say "breaking the bank"? It was such a disappointment. Can the doll cook my dinner too? I mean, these aren't porcelain dolls. Just the soft, cuddly ones. It should not be this hard to find a nice doll. So I'm still wondering where are the pretty brown babies for our pretty brown babies?