Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Oil Spill Ordeal

Its ridiculous how ugly this oil spill situation has become. Whats even worse is that its only going to get worse. Everyone is pointing a giant finger at Obama and its sickening. Yes, he is the president of the United States but everyone seems to be forgetting that he is ONLY A MAN. Humans cannot be in more than one place at one time. Humans need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Humans make mistakes. Humans can only give their full attention to ONE thing at a time. When Obama accepted his position, he did not lose his humanity. He cant do it all as much as we...well, you all, would like for him to. Dont get me wrong, I dont like that Obama has blamed others in the past for today's problems. Good leaders just pick up the problem and do what they can to solve it. However, seeing all the pressure thats been put on him to be a non-human super hero I understand why he took a seat at the blame game table. Why hasn't British Petroleum felt the same burn from the public that the U.S. has directed towards Obama? Beyond all the blaming, we know that this is a disaster of major proportion. Have you all seen that picture of the flailing bird drenched in oil? How about the baby turtle? I wanted to cry. The beaches are soon to be destroyed. The lives of the people on the gulf have been flipped inside out. Its heart-wrenching. In a perfect world all the problems would go away but the reality is they wont. Let me repeat, the reality is that they wont! Take a look at all the disasters that have taken place in 2010. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, a gaping sink hole, this oil spill. We're only half way into the year. Get your lives together. Stop fighting. Love one another. Be generous. The end may be closer than you think. My final thoughts: God, please bless those affected by this oil spill. Humans and animals alike. Amen.